casetta ale

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We could talk about couture design for this series of containers, double wardrobe and chest of drawers with three drawers. Inspired by the wonderful Wunderkammer, have the cut linear, basic, but are the fixtures and accessories that make special these furniture. They are dressed to the nines, with a ribbed finish that dares, in addition to browns and green, shades of blue, and they are decorated with jewel handles on the doors and drawers.

“As in the rooms of wonders (wunderkammer) where they were preserved collections of extraordinary objects, I composed this collection by joining together different textures and colors: Veneer special "concept wood" from the wood company Alpi, that covers and ennobles the structure and the ceramics jewel handles by Giorgio Vigna, for the brand Pamar, that embellish the composition.”

Green cabinet in MDF, wood veneer by “Concept Wood ALPI” , handles jewel, with a shelf and a hanging rail.

material : MDF, ceramic and special wood veneer

Produced by Skitsch 2013