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Our ancestors used to attribute to objects strange powers. I believe this is true, certain objects are special.
Among my "magic objects" there is the straw chair: which is the door to journey through time.
I refer to the classic wooden chair with straw seat, that sometimes you can discover in flea market or in old taverns. This piece is capable of bring me away, memories and images running in my mind, this influence created impresses me so much.
The chair most famous reproduction is in the "Bedroom", a Van Gogh's famous and popular artwork, here the straw chair has been painted in its most poetic and surreal synthesis: the room is represented as a dream and the objects are a yearning metaphor of reality (the chair is the artist, it is the self-portrait of him)
Just like art can transform an object in his oneiric vision, I tried through my own point of view, to give not only the form back, but the memory of them , not just the functional sense of chair and a table, but the image that I preserve of them.


Production by Fermob, 2017


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