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At Spazio Rossana Orlandi, Alessandra Baldereschi presented “Grandmother Tips” that involved the recovery of old natural recipes, based on aromatic herbs, contained in objects useful for housekeeping and healthy cooking.

Many solutions can be cataloged in the nature category, or rediscovery of such. One of the best, as brilliant in its simplicity and intelligence (creative and technical), is the signature Alessandra Baldereschi. It's called Grandmother Tips, and reminds us of how wonderful aromatic herbs are. Through two very funny collections.

Aromatic Tools: 8 wooden tools in the shape of brushes, brushes, brooms and hangers, on which graft herbs suitable for perfuming the environment or for domestic cleaning, such as degreasing and disinfecting. Consisting of two wooden parts with a rubber applied to contain and preserve organic elements, they open and close with two elastic bands positioned at the ends.

Recipes in shaped cardboard: herbs and spices enclosed in 17 objects whose shape exactly recalls their purpose: the design of a deodorant to combat bad smells; that of a book to preserve the pages of the home library.

If it were just for collecting, or for desperate housework, these Grandmother Tips you should own them all. Starting with the repellent for cockroaches and mice. So that in the moment of the blackest crisis, that is when nobody ever remembers where he has stored toxic poisons and dust, the shape of the animal to be eradicated while we open in bulk drawers after drawers will help us to identify the remedy immediately.

The exact moment you had the intuition of the collection?
A.B. Last year talking on the phone with a friend of my passion for "grandma's recipes."

Would you call it a vintage operation?
A.B. Maybe yes, I turned old recipes with herbs into a contemporary packaging. I tried to create a sort of three-dimensional manual where each object represented its function and contained a couple of doses to make it and learn it.

Your favorite packaging?
A.B. My favorite is the "plant care" jar: it contains chamomile seeds. Chamomile, if planted near a suffering plant, helps to save it.


written by Cristiano Vitali for Io Donna magazine, Corriere della sera.