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Le Bebè brand will opens the first monobrand store in Milan entrusting the interior design project to Alessandra Baldereschi Studio, the same that created for le Bebè the collections of children bedrooms presented during the last Salone del Mobile fair.

"Working on this project was like telling the story of Le Bebè with the same joy, liveliness and enthusiasm that has been transmitted to me."

The project is a story that, through the materials and shapes, describes the identity of Le Bebè and its precious origin. The scene, in fact, is inhabited by the characters and elements that belong to the iconography of the brand: there is a large transparent house as a container for ideas and products, there are colored mirrors shaped as trees, balloon lamps and curious subjects that appear in the view like a cat watching the moon.

The project is a white landscape treated with simple lines that have a pleasant movement, accompanied by rounded containers made in different heights. The view is embellished by shiny details in pink tones of the logo and by some installations created specifically for this first showroom in Milan.

The project reveals Alessandra's ability to reinvent stories and able to work with fairy tales maintaining always an original point of view.


Commissioned and produced by Le Bebè

Design by Alessandra Baldereschi 2017



le bebe showroom Alessandra Baldereschi