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The Milan Chamber of Commerce together with the Triennale Design Museum entrust Alessandra Baldereschi with the project for the 2016 young entrepreneurs' prize that stood out for the growth of corporate culture.
The award, designed by Alessandra Baldereschi, consists of a series of hand-blown glass seedlings to represent the growth, energy and vitality of the award-winning New Businesses.
The collection is called "Evergreen" and is composed of small plants in transparent and colored glass with a striped glass vase, entirely handmade.
The collection is inspired by the fat plants of the 1930s by Napoleone Martinuzzi, an unsurpassed glass artist.
A green plant as a symbol of development and evolution in harmony with Nature. A small precious idea to make the green perennial. Each seedling is produced in a single copy and enclosed in a precious tiny white house.

Designed Prize for Commerce Chamber 1